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Introduction to Natural stone

Natural stone is a highly sophisticated material that adds dimension and style to architectural and structural designs. Nothing can compare to its beauty and elegance. A natural stone is one of the most durable materials and will offer lasting longevity.

What is Granite?

Granite is formed when magma(moltenrock) is forced between other rocks in the earth's crust. It cools and crystalizes deep underground. As it cools slowly large crystals are formed. Granite is used primarly for countertops, bar tops, shower walls, flooring, monuments, and sancturies to name a few.

What is Marble?

Marble originated as limestone, but overtime, intense heat and pressure caused the limestone to be crystalized. During the metamorphisim, other materials were introduced producing rich colors and veining. Common uses for marble include fireplaces, interior flooring as well as limited uses for countertops and tabletops. Not as durable as granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

What is Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary stone layered and formed from skeltons and shells of sea creatures. Limestones vary in color and range from grey, beige, pinks, golds, whites and brown. Common uses of limestone are interior and exterior paving, flooring and limited uses for countertops.