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Selecting Colors

It is always recommended that you have samples of your flooring and/or cabinetry so that you can easily refer as a reference to your slab(s) choice. After viewing and finalizing your sales consultant will tag your slab(s) and we will hold for 5 days(as a courtesy). We will give you the details of the slab name and slab numbers and a small sample. This information will also be given to your Fabracator/Designer/Architect.

Please note that it is your responsibility to view the slab(s) at the Fabracator's shop prior to any cutting or installation of your project. Natural quarried stones and slabs have inherent variations in color, markings, and physical properties. No two pieces are alike, some have wide variations and others are uniform. The small sample that may be given to you is for general guidance only and the actual slab(s) that you select are what you should use for any of your decorating references.

Limits of Liability

National Granite Distributors Corporation assume no responsibility to any faulty installation of our products. We extend no guarantees, expressed or implied to slipperiness, wear-resistance or maintainance procedures.